Friday, October 23, 2009

Mole Day Dinner and Pumpkin Carving

The department's annual Mole Day Social / Pumpkin Carving Contest was held Tuesday evening, October 20 since Mole Day fall over Taylor's Fall Break. The theme for the dinner was Italian in honor of Avogadro! In addition to great Italian pasta, salads, and desserts, students carved pumpkin competing for Ivanhoe's gift cards.

The Pumpkin Carvers:

Taking first place was the team of Heather Beleski and Nicki Reishus with a pictorial play on the word cation. Taking second place was the team of Julianne Warren and Rob Wendt with a Mole Day spoof of Michelangelo's famous Creation of Man from the Sistine Chapel - depicting a mole's outstretched finger in place of Adam's. Andy Davisson's pumpkin displayed the elemental symbols for scandium, argon, and yttrium to form the work ScArY. The other participants earned one of an assortment of chemistry shirts. Congratulations to the winners!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

TU Students Perform Research

Three TU Chemistry undergraduates performed research at Taylor and several more at other universities during the summer. Their research ranged from computational modeling of proteins to the development of quality control procedures for analytical instrumentation. Two students' projects are pictured below.