Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Linux Workstations for Computational Research

Dr. Magers has two new computers for research.  These server workstations are being setup to host an interactive environment as a teaching experience in the classroom and in lab. Goals include utilizing a WebMO/PSI4 interface and JSmol. Additionally these workstations host computational chemistry packages for Dr. Magers' research group.

This summer, Drew Pemberton and Michael Nahrstadt will be doing research in Dr. Magers' lab.

Intel Xeon E5-1607v3 3.10GHz 10MB 1866 4C
16GB DDR4-2133 RAM
Intel Xeon E5-1680v3 3.20GHz 20MB 2133 8C
64GB DDR4-2133 RAM

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Annual Chemistry Banquet

Last night, we held the annual chemistry banquet for all of our seniors, chemistry majors, and TAs.  Plenty of food and fellowship to go around.

Some of the graduating seniors.  From left:  Maddy Trudeau, Jon Gray, Joe Kasper, and Emily Hart.

We are very proud of our seniors.  All of which are continuing their education next year.
Jon Gray - Rutgers University in pursuit of a Ph.D.
Emily Hart - Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis in pursuit of a Ph.D.
Joe Kasper - University of Washington in pursuit of a Ph.D.
James Klimt - Midwestern University in pursuit of a D.O.
Maddy Trudeau - Taylor University in pursuit of a Masters of Arts in Higher Education

We honor many of our students with awards.  Here are this year's recipients:

Outstanding Chemistry Award - Joe Kasper
Outstanding Chemistry Thesis Award - Emily Hart

Outstanding Research Award - Emily Hart
Outstanding Physical Chemist Award - Joe Kasper
Outstanding Inorganic Chemist Award - Marissa Kneer
Outstanding Future Applications Chemist - Jon Gray
Leadership Award - Maddy Trudeau
Service to the Department Award - James Klimt

Check out the Awards tab at the top to see previous years' recipients.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Forensics Class Crime Scene Projects

It is time again for our Forensics course crime scene projects.  In groups of 3-4, students stage a crime scene, and then investigate a crime scene staged by another group.  Students are able to use skills learned throughout the course to evaluate the scenes including skills like fingerprint analysis, blood typing, and DNA comparison.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Senior Thesis Presentations

All of the chemistry majors are required to present a senior thesis on a research topic of their choice.  Naturally we coupled this with food.

Joe Kasper's presentation on Lithium Ion Batteries

Emily Hart's presentation on "Optogenetics"