Thursday, April 10, 2014

Organic Research- Maillard Reaction

Students in Dr. Kroll's Organic Chemistry lab are back to their research! Jenn Dolezal and Dan Clemens are doing their research on the Maillard reaction which involves the reaction of an amino acid and a sugar to give certain foods their desired taste and smell. By using TLC's of known and unknown products and by varying time and temperature, this group will be observing how these effects will change the products it will yield!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Student Research and Attending ACSM

Plans are in place for two chemistry students to attend the national meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Orlando, FL along with an interdisciplinary team of biologist and exercise science students and faculty from Taylor.  Additionally, four students will be research here in Upland this summer.  Their projects involve developing analytical methods for analysis of blood metabolites, analysis of metals in tissue, analysis of thermal decomposition, and assessing physiological tremors.  The summer research students will be blogging here, throughout the summer, so stop by or follow this blog to see their progress!