Saturday, October 31, 2015

Students Tour Eli Lilly's Analytical Labratories

(Oct. 30)  Three students participated in the annual Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Outreach Day at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.  The students met with Lilly employees, were toured through labs, saw many state of the art instruments, but most importantly gained a clearer impression of what it would be like to work in the pharmaceutical industry.  Thank you to all the Lilly staff that made this an excellent experience for the students.  

Mole Day Celebration!

(Oct. 23)  The department celebrated Mole Day with games and food.  We enjoyed teates like Oreo Cookie Pie and Dr. Kroll's homemade crackers and cheese.  Congratulations to Jesse for winning the classic game, "guess how many of our conference rooms would be filled by one mole of M&Ms".  Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Chemistry Dinner & Summer Research Reports

(Oct. 8)  The department enjoyed a great Italian dinner and heard from several students about their summer research experiences.  Most of their research will eventually result in a conference presentation or publication.  We heard from one student how his internship turned into a job offer for after graduation!  We appreciate all the participants!