Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chemistry Awards Banquet

Four of our Graduates: Andy Davisson, Jorge Fernandez
Jason Stegink, Katie Speidel

Last night we held an awards banquet to recognize the hard work of our teaching assistants who make such a significant contribution to our department and to honor our seniors.  As is tradition, Dr. Kroll recited limericks composed specifically for each of our graduates and presented graduation gifts. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

3 Seniors Present Theses

Thursday evening, three of our seniors presented their theses to a group of faculty and students.  We all enjoyed a great meal and talks about the history and future of nuclear energy, the medical uses of iron nanoparticles, and the chemistry of biocompatable medical implants.  Congratulations to Phil Gorman, Jason Stegink, and Andy Davisson on their great work. 

Organic Chemistry Research Projects

A unique part of the second semester Organic Chemistry lab experience is participation by all students in small group original research projects. These have been a popular and useful part of the course for a number of years. The process is a simplified version of Master’s degree research. The main overall goal for the experience is to acquaint you with the usual process in this arena and equip you to engage in research, either as a student while at Taylor or in a summer off-campus opportunity like research. The skills you will learn and practice (use of computer databases & journals; research planning and reporting; keeping a research notebook; working with a group) are transferable to any of the sciences.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Forensic Science Class Hosts Crime Scene Projects

Certainly the highlight of the semester for the Forensic Science class is their crime scene projects.  Each lab group stages a crime scene for another lab group to investigate.  Decked out in lab gloves and fingerprint powder brushes, students will spend the last two weeks of class investigating a crime scene, processing the scene, analyzing evidence in the laboratory, and preparing an oral presentation.  The presentations, given during the final exam period, are designed as a press conference where they report on the investigation.

Last Chemistry Colloquium of the Year

Thur., 5/5/11, will be our final colloquium meeting of the year.  Our final three seniors will present their theses while we dine on food prepared by the faculty.  Anyone is welcome to join us.  Just RSVP to Dr. King so we can prepare enough food.  Hope to see another great turnout.