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Taylor Laboratory 2019

2019 marks the first year of “Taylor Laboratory – Summer Science Camp”. We hosted 12 students ranging from 5th-8th grade for 5 mornings, each with a different theme. This year, we chose the themes of polymers, electricity and magnets, pH, light and color, and forensics. The activities came from a research project from summer 2018 (found here or under the "Educational Resources" tab of this blog), labs from some of the introductory chemistry classes, and outside sources.

One of the highlights of the week included an unknown spill activity. Students had 10 household solutions like ammonia, lemon juice, and shampoo. They found the pH through pH paper, universal indicator, and red cabbage juice. The students were delighted to add indicators and make solutions change color! To add an air of mystery, there was also an unknown spill in the lab they had to identify.

We also went out with a bang, quite literally. To end the week, we allowed students to experiment with film canister…

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