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Educational resources!

A new page called Educational Resourcesis now live on the blog! It can be accessed through the link in this post or through the tabs at the top of this blog. The page is meant to act as a resource for elementary through middle school teachers, featuring 6 science activities connected to Indiana state standards with grade-appropriate science connections aimed toward 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

These activities include:

An activity exploring fluorescence. The photo on the left is from the forensic-based activity where students dissolve highlighter from paper samples to identify an unknown sheet of notes. The photo on the right demonstrates using a homemade fluorometer from a tea box to observe fluorescence.
We also had a quick activity to get students moving by exchanging objects (so, for example, 6 beads are equivalent to one paperclip). It's a fun way to introduce students to unit conversion and lead into the mole.
And puzzle pieces provide an interesting way to start thinking a…

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