Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Demo Night

Some of our favorite demonstrations were on display Tuesday evening, including lots of fire, colors, smoke, and slime!  Here are a few examples...

Dr. Hammond doing balloon animals before he shrunk them with liquid nitrogen.

Dr. King lighting some flammable vapors on fire.

Dr. Kroll and James making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Dr. Stan shares some tips on making slime, nylon, and how to shrink peeps.

Dr. Magers ignites a variety of metals and makes some pretty colors.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

5 TU Chemistry Students Present Research at the Indiana Academy ofScience

Emily Hart, Jon Gray, Nathan Pavey, Drew Pemberton, and Haram Ko (right to left) each presented their research at the annual IAS meeting in Indianapolis.  Their research projects included topics such as reaction kinetics, metal concentrations in fish organs, an integrated instrumental methodology for FTIR, TGA, and GCMS, and assessing Essential Tremors.  Be sure to ask them about their experience!