Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chemistry's Basketball Star: Tess Rudolph

Chemistry junior Tess Rudolph has reached the 1,000 point mark for her basketball career for Taylor University.  After scoring 7 points in the game against St. Francis on Wednesday, February 1st, Tess became the 18th player in Trojan history to reach the 1,000 point mark.  Her department is so proud!

The B-ballin' beast!

Way to go, Tess!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Instrument Up and Running

This past week a brand new TGA/DSC (Thermogravimetric Analyzer/Differential Scanning Calorimeter) was installed and is already being used by student/faculty researchers.  The Q600 (TA Instruments) is essentially a very sensitive balance inside a very hot programmable oven.  The instrument is able to precisely monitor a sample's decrease in weight as temperature is increased to 1,000 degrees or more.  A materials decay pattern is fairly unique and can be used for identification and purity analysis.  One study plans to investigate the use of TGA/DSC to identify muscle fiber types.