Sunday, November 13, 2011

Department Dinner Demo Night!

The Chemistry Department's first ever "Demo Night" themed dinner gathering included some of the professors' and students' favorite demonstrations.  Students Brayton and Caroline performed a luminol demonstration, and Olivia prepared coffee using a special pour-over method.  Dr. Kroll prepared a number of treats demonstrating molecular gastronomy.  Dr. Hammond amazed the crowd with his balloon creations and then shrinking and expanding them in liquid nitrogen.  Dr. Stan performed a number of demos including the Elephant Tooth paste (lots of bubbles, lots of mess, lots of fun).  Dr. King wrapped the evening up with some fire demos including the hydrogen balloon finale (of course). 
Preparing for the Hydrogen Balloon!
Dr. King demonstrates the flammability of various solvents... and the tablecloth!


(Dr. Stan) Elephant Toothpaste - before
(Dr. Stan) Elephant Toothpaste - After

Dr. Kroll, having way too much fun with his food!

Coffee Fun!  (yes, this was brand new glassware)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Chemistry Annual Pumpking Carving and Dinner!

The department gathered for our annual celebration of the pumpkin!  Among other things, we enjoyed two types of chili and several pumpkin desserts.  We had another great turn out to carve pumpkins including some that resembled a cat, the periodic table, molecules, and Dr. Kroll.  Enjoy the photo of everyone posing with their pumpkins!