Wednesday, October 15, 2014

 Olivia Auell's ('13) Research Lab on PBS - News Hour:

"Can science make low-sodium foods without sacrificing flavor?"

Look for Olivia,
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, and GCMS!

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Graduate Report is in... "Excellence"

The annual Graduate Report tracks graduates' employment at approximately 6 months following graduation.  Following federal guidelines, "excellence" is defined as full-time employment, enrollment in graduate school, or a post-graduate internship.  "Success" is defined as the excellence criteria and part-time employment.

Congratulations to the 2013 class Chemistry graduates for helping the department earn an Excellence rating of 100%!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Undergrads Co-Author Paper:

Two chemistry undergraduates co-authored a research paper entitled “Analysis of Iron and Calcium in a Geothermal System Outflow Steam”. The paper investigates the concentration of iron and calcium within an artificial stream created as part of the newly constructed Euler Science Complex. The ground water, rich in hardness ions (primarily iron and calcium), that is used as part of the building’s geothermal cooling system returns to the environment via an esthetically constructed streambed that runs through campus. The study reveals the successful removal of iron and calcium from the water as a result of natural oxidation processes which are encouraged by using a rocky streambed and waterfall. 

Timothy Griffiths, Emily Hart, Patricia Stan, and Daniel King.
“Analysis of Iron and Calcium in a Geothermal System Outflow Steam”.
Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. 122, 35-39, 2013.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Organic Research- Maillard Reaction

Students in Dr. Kroll's Organic Chemistry lab are back to their research! Jenn Dolezal and Dan Clemens are doing their research on the Maillard reaction which involves the reaction of an amino acid and a sugar to give certain foods their desired taste and smell. By using TLC's of known and unknown products and by varying time and temperature, this group will be observing how these effects will change the products it will yield!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Student Research and Attending ACSM

Plans are in place for two chemistry students to attend the national meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Orlando, FL along with an interdisciplinary team of biologist and exercise science students and faculty from Taylor.  Additionally, four students will be research here in Upland this summer.  Their projects involve developing analytical methods for analysis of blood metabolites, analysis of metals in tissue, analysis of thermal decomposition, and assessing physiological tremors.  The summer research students will be blogging here, throughout the summer, so stop by or follow this blog to see their progress!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Women of Chemistry

The Women of Chemistry met once again for a delicious meal prepared by Dr. Stan. The food and great company made for a perfect combination. The conversation flourished on opportunities in Chemistry and what post-graduate school might look like in the future. It is fun to fellowship with a group of women who have similar passions in Chemistry.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, Ball State University
Alumni Spotlight
Caroline Chow

Why did you choose Ball State for your graduate study?
The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship was offered through Ball State as well as several other schools in Indiana. However, I heard that the teaching program at Ball State was excellent. It also was close to where my sister was attending her undergraduate study and I wanted to stay close to family.

What would you tell incoming students why Ball State is a great place to earn a graduate degree?
The professors we had were fantastic and because of the size of our cohort, we were able to build an actual relationship with them. We received a lot of one-on-one time and as a result the program felt very personalized.

How is Ball State preparing you for your teaching career?
The opportunity to do a lot of hands-on learning was a huge benefit. During the summer, we were able to hang out with students through the Boys and Girls Club and get to know the community we were to serve in during the school year. The program also allowed us to have a full year of student teaching, which allowed us to spend the entire school year developing relationships with the students as well as practice teaching. The experiences I had while at Muncie Southside High School were invaluable and rewarding.

Describe your graduate school experience in one word. 

What has the graduate school experience at Ball State revealed to you about yourself?  What has it revealed that surprised you?
I had a lot more in me than I thought. I was very intimidated and overwhelmed by this program at the beginning. However, the professors and the other Fellows helped me tackle the seemingly impossible year a little bit at a time. There were times that I thought I would not be able to make it through the year, but here I am; a high school chemistry teacher.

What is your favorite aspect of your graduate school experience?
The other people in my cohort are amazing. We have become a small family through our year together and they helped me get through.

How has the Ball State Graduate School transformed your life?
It has given me more confidence in myself. It also has built my interest in teaching into a strong desire to serve others through teaching. I originally was hoping to use my passion for chemistry in the research field after I received my bachelor’s degree. However, the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship has directed me toward a different passion – igniting others to pursue further education (hopefully towards the STEM fields, of course).

Describe your graduate school experience in one sentence.
This year was intense, but definitely worth the work.

If you had to choose again, why would you choose Ball State for your graduate degree?
The relationships I have built with the rest of my cohort, my professors, and the students I had the honor of teaching.

Please share your title and school system where you are teaching. I will be teaching high school chemistry and middle school Spanish at Jac-Cen-Del High/Jr school.