Friday, October 19th witnessed a multitude of alumni, students and faculty pack into the Euler Science Complex atrium for the dedication of this $41.4 million facility.
 As the ground-level seats filled, every inch of available space overlooking the stage was utilized, as people lined the balconies and walkways of Euler's four stories.

The dedication proved a huge success. Touching speeches were given by individuals such as Dr. Eugene B. Habecker, Dr. William E. Toll, Dr. Jan M. Reber, Ronald B. Sutherland, Dr. Leland E. Boren, Elizabeth A. Henricks, and Donald G. Soderquist. With stories of students sitting on the floor for lack of seating room, labs that must be set up and torn down each day, and Dr. Reber's taking chemical supplies to stick in her freezer for lack of room in Nussbaum, the dedication allowed people gain a true picture of just how much this new building and extra space means to the students and faculty of Taylor University.
 After the ceremony, those attended enjoyed a wonderful treat, as each floor had tables filled with beverages, mouth-watering desserts, and gourmet hours de vours.

The weekend of the dedication was also homecoming, and Euler's dedication allowed old friends and classmates to once again meet again in a Taylor's science halls. The Professors of the School of Natural and Applied Sciences all attended, and thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and seeing former students once again.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time, and the ceremony was a fitting dedication for the size and significance of Euler Science Complex. In the words of one Professor, this dedication was "by far one of the best events [he's] ever attended during [his] years at Taylor."