Chem. Dept. Cookout!!

And we're off to a new year! But first, to commemorate the event, the Chemistry Dept. is hosting the first department gathering of the year this Saturday (Sept. 28).

So come all Chemistry folks (including any alumni who might be in the area) to this tailgate-style cookout around 5:00, for some good fellowship, excellent food (yes, food NOT made in the DC), and a rip-roaring time hopefully riddled with many chem jokes and the like. Oh! And not to mention it will provide an opportune occasion to celebrate the Trojan's victory on the football field (well, hopefully. The game starts at 1.)

The cookout will take place near the entrance to the football stadium and the 1st base side of the baseball field.

And finally, there will be a PRIZE for the returning student who brings the most freshmen to this event! Last year it was a bag of Dr. Stan's famous homemade cookies, so if this year's prize is anything near as spectacular, it will be well worth it.