Local High School Student a Finalist in a National Superhero Contest

Emily Knight, a junior at Eastbrook High School, was selected as one of 11 semifinalists in a national NSF-sponsored comic competition. The contest is called the Generation Nano: Small Science Superhero competition. The goal of the contest was to develop a superhero who's gear utilized the latest in nanotechnology research and create a comic strip or video. Emily's character, Covalent, has a suit of armor created from carbon nanotubes, which are both lightweight and "relatively impervious." On her back, Covalent carries tanks of a molecular compound that can be shaped to form a "water balloon" like structure, but which hardens upon impact.

Emily heard about the contest from Dr. Patricia Stan, and hopes to attend Taylor when she graduates to study chemistry education.

Currently, the general populace can vote for their favorite superhero. Voting ends TODAY (April 15). To vote for Emily, go to:  http://gennano.skild.com/skild2/gennano/viewEntryVoting.action
To learn more about the contest, go to: http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/gennano/#sthash.9OIvcEXV.dpuf

Article published in the Marion Chronicle-Tribune: http://www.chronicle-tribune.com/news/eastbrook-student-competes-in-national-superhero-contest/article_9dffdf98-43c3-50aa-969f-56482b7c5832.html